Proposal for Mural ” Frederick Douglass in Cork” @ Cork Unitarian Church 

I have chosen as a main theme the strong face of Frederick Douglass where his hair morphs into leaves of the painted tree reflecting the real tree in the location and the style and colouring of the types of illustrations during Douglass’s lifetime and using the illustrations from the newspapers of the era depicting the slave trade

The project would have a dedicated website / or webpage on an existing website ( Unitarian Church) which would elaborate on the theme of the mural that visitors to the courtyard could easily access. The gradual colouring of the tree’s leaves reflects the transition to the more enlightened world we live in today.

There will be a mixed media element to the mural but mainly painted using acrylic paint and sealed to protect it from the weather, mixed media elements will include wood panels painted or printed and superimposed on the wall

EG: the slave ships printed on plywood and sealed with resin

There could be circular panels with representations of Corks Multi Cultural Inclusive society painted or designed by new arrivals to cork representing the fruits of the work begun by Douglass in his visit to Cork

I have included a few versions of how the mural could develop